Special transport Eastern Europe from Switzerland on the way to Moldova


It all started with a call from Switzerland. Would I have time? Naturally. As long as I live, I have time and I have fun for everyone.
And orders from Switzerland usually promised a lot of fun.
Could I deliver machinery and goods back to Moldova at short notice and back again a week later?
Looking for someone with experience in dealing with border officials and because my name was recommended.
In the absence of carnet, there might be problems at the border.
The time to apply for a carnet but you have not.
It is always very urgent. The delivery was best done yesterday.
It sounds familiar to me and sounded like a job to my liking.
The journey by motorcycle took just under 600 km to Switzerland.
There I took over the loaded vehicle and roared off. I left Austria and Hungary behind me quickly.
I had to stop only for the purchase of toll stickers. Such is also required in Romania and Moldova, but can not yet be forged in Europe.
In Hungary, large demonstrations were held against the President's planned internet tax.
There were hidden cams everywhere too. The security is only pushed forward. As always, it's about money: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.

These measures are firmly scheduled in the budgets of the state governments.
After 1000 km the first break somewhere along the way. I parked my rolling home hidden behind high corn fields.
My colleague was stolen in a similar delivery here in Hungary, all machines from the car, while he spent the night in a hotel.
I prefer this kind of camping anyway. Although there was frost at night, my sleeping bag kept me comfortably warm.
The radio played better music than at home. One noticed the Russian impact.
Since Romania is not a member of the Schengen area, there was a short passport control, then I was allowed to continue.
Many people we met on the road told us proudly that in addition to their work they also receive child support from Germany. From the German child allowance one can live abroad like a king. You no longer need to work yourself and can buy your own house. As a German, could I help with filling in applications for her neighbor? The language barrier is the only obstacle to the gift of money.
Some also pretend to be Syrians, because their country is a safe country of origin and live with a sham industry of German wage increase see Frontal21 from 06.09.2016 and SpiegelTV. The always same mesh works according to WDR Current hour from 21.März 2018 so:
A fake employer quits a 5-member family with a wage of 500 euros. As a result, a benefit entitlement in Germany increases to 1,800 euros. The 1300 Euro reimburses the employment agency, without having to make a single finger krum.
In contrast to good Germans, migrants are not forced to take measures and threatened with sanctions by the job center because of their willingness to use violence. "Syrians" are not suitable for the catering, because "the service thought is rejected". Muslim women are not employable in social professions "because they are not allowed to touch men". For appointments at the employment office, they fly on budget airlines for 80 euros.
Roma Gypsies from Romanians are known as marmots for clawing. Entire groups of pickpockets from Romania often travel to Germany and France in order to cheat the German welfare state. See also ARD Kontraste vom 21.07.2016. Because of them already the Luvre and the Eiffel Tower had to be closed.
Also the so-called Enkeltrick is gladly used by Romaklans. Criminals in particular are not deported if they face penalties in their home country.
Friendly as I was, I collected shortly after the border a few hitchhikers.
The communication was due to the lack of language skills on my part with hands and feet.
When the hitchhikers left me a few miles later, they handed me a few bills.
This repeated itself several times in the course of the day.
Hitchhiking seems to be as normal as bus or ride in other countries.
In this way, it was possible to drive the Dachia Loggy, which consumed only 5.7 liters of diesel per 100 km, even here cost-neutral.
Although there is a perfect new road in the middle of Romania, I followed the much more interesting, bumpy road along the border with Ukraine.
Time it did not matter, because this way was a few hundred kilometers shorter.
After 2000 km I finally reached the border to Moldova, the poorest country in Europe. Here, the average salary is only 150 euros per month. It was only 200 km to my destination in Chisinau.
The departure from Romania took only a few minutes. Vehicle registration and green insurance card were OK.
The entry into Moldova, on the other hand, required some patience as expected. This was partly because neither I nor the frontier knew where to find the Chassi number of Dachia. In addition, the corrupt police wanted me to give them money to speed up entry. However, as long as the officers concentrated on this number, they could do no other mischief. I was friendly and amused by my lack of Russian language skills. Finally, the official disappeared back into his house and gave me my entry stamp. For the machines, which cost a few thousand euros, nobody was interested in a country where some people even live in plastic-film houses in the winter. With my sleeping bag and the little cooker, the whole load looked more like a vacation steamer. Do I want to go to Moldova for business? Neeeee tourist! Social projects are my hobby. On the way back, I wanted to take travelers or backpackers on a ride or Blablacar. Within a few hours, all my places were booked up by refugees from economic migrants who wanted to go to Germany to apply for Hartz4 and child benefit there as well. No one flees bombs across 9 countries, while women and children live safely in their homeland. It attracts the money donated. However, those who kindly take out of compassion, risked as a smuggler or tug for 9 months without parole in prison to land see Frontal 21 of 15 September 2015. Surprisingly, Merkel or various "relief organizations", the "refugees" on the Libyan coast pick up not to be punished as such in order to send them to distant Europe.
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