The most beautiful holiday paradise - motorcycle tours in Mallorca

Today is a day to celebrate. I have just passed my motorcycle test and received the new driver's license card. Two months ago I did not know yet that I would ever ride a motorcycle. At that time I was still traveling with my 50ccm scooter.



But now I was 18, mobiel and the world was open to me. Spontaneously, I decided to visit friends in Mallorca, I packed my things on the bike and started my first, about 1500 km long motorcycle tour from Switzerland via France to Spain.
I drove, drove and drove and finally reached the Spanish border in the Pyrenees on the second day and the congestion towards Barcelona at midnight.
When I finally arrived in Barcelona and found the harbor to which the statue of Columbus points the way, I learned that, the slow ferry that departs daily from Barcelona to Palma de Mallorca at 23 ° C, had just left.
This ferry allegedly weighs 25,000 tons, has 40,000 horsepower, holds about 100 trucks + many cars and consumes up to 30 tons of diesel on the 180 km and 7 hours long journey.
The next morning I booked a return ticket for myself and my Kawasaki EL 250 online. After that I drove the machine to the beach, had breakfast and went swimming until the Garda Civile made it clear to me at about 10 o'clock that motorcycles on the beach are forbidden.
In order not to leave my luggage unattended, I left the beach and tried my luck a few miles further, until I was also asked to remove my motorcycle because I threatened as a parking lot else parking claw. I spent the afternoon visiting Barcelona.
Later I got my boarding card and took my motorcycle to the ferry parking lot where I met other motorcyclists from Germany and Italy. After all trucks were loaded, our tickets were checked before we motorcyclists and then the cars were partially with boat trailers on the road, the truck over the ramp in the ferry were allowed to follow.
After we had lashed our machines in the hold, I fortunately decided, in addition to my papers, my tickets, my camera and money, to take my jacket out of the heat into the cold, air-conditioned passenger decks of the ferry before the cargo hold for the duration of the crossing was closed.
On board, I looked around thoroughly. In the lower person deck there were many cabins in the corridors. Above it was a small supermarket with souvenirs and food, but mostly closed.
On the top deck were loungers and a well-attended but therefore also strongly chlorine-smelling pool.
Among them were various restaurants, a bar and a cinema with films in Spanish.
For the passengers who had booked no cabin, there were poorly ventilated rooms full of not suitable for sleeping seats.
After about 180 km we reached the port of Palma de Mallorca at 7 o'clock. Update due to many questions: Mallorca belongs to Spain and thus to the EU. The identity card is sufficient for the journey. You do not need a passport.
After we had set up on time and left the ferry, I drove the last 45 km of my motorcycle tour west to Sant Elm
and arrived punctually for breakfast with my friends with a crazy rear tire and a good mood.
The village of Sant Elm is located at the westernmost tip of Mallorca, about 7 km from Andratx, where there is the nearest supermarket.
Sant Elm is next to its beautiful, rocky coves (in the bay pictured above may be a port to be built)where you can swim, snorkel and fish wonderfully also a small sandy beach
as well as innumerable hotels, holiday houses, bars, restaurants as well as a port with moorings for sport boats.
In addition, there are beautiful hiking trails around Sant Elm overlooking the sea to an old watchtower or a monastery.
Before Sant Elm there is a small island in addition to a small, protected island to which you can take a ferry to hike there.
The island owes its name Sa Dragonera to the many lizards that live on it. I swam over to both islands a few days later. However, if you do not love steeply sloping rocky coast but rather on large hotels and beach chairs, is better off in Paguera on the south coast of Mallorca.
Who wants to explore Majorca by motorbike or car, among other things, the winding panoramic road on the cliffs is recommended, which leads from Antratx via Deia to Port de Solleir.
However, it should be noted that the asphalt in Spain, especially within the many roundabouts that replace the annoying traffic lights, sometimes extremely smooth scrubbed or sandy.
Incidentally, wild camping on private property is permitted with the consent of the owner - and is tolerated 50 meters from the beach on public premises.(Source: Dumont travel paperback 2073 Mallorca S247 ISBN 3-7701-3166-5)
For the way back to Switzerland, I took a little more time than for the outward journey to fully enjoy the end of this great holiday to the last minute.

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