Beautiful motorcycle tour through the Harz to Kyffhäuser


In the spring, when the buds are sprouting and the cherry trees are blooming, a lot of motorcyclists want to do a nice tour through the Thuringian Forest and the Harz at weekends. Beautiful motorcycle tour through the Harz to Kyffhäuser
Schöne Motorradtour durch den Harz zum Kyffhäuser
The journey from Braunschweig is possible either via the motorway or via the beautiful, winding country road through Wolfenbüttel and then along the Okertalsperre GPS N51 ° 52'15.0 E010 ° 28'30.0.


Even in front of these is warned with big signs.
The national park is suitable for hiking with the whole family. Many cyclists are on the beautiful forest trails.
However, most people come from the flat country to ride a motorcycle in the Harz mountains.
Despite sometimes drastic speed restrictions, unfortunately, it always comes back to accidents.
Perhaps it is also because of the fact that many speed restrictions are so ridiculously low that they are no longer taken seriously.
Either way, the victims are always innocent, startled by the spotlight animals.
At many multi-lane points, where cars are allowed to drive 100 km / h, the speed for motorcyclists is limited to 70 km / h.
Before curves makes something like that. Too low restrictions on even, non-dangerous routes, however, cause people to get used to take such mischief ever less seriously. As a result, there are always accidents at real accident focal points .
As here, when the allowed speed was too low even for a tractor. The driver was startled by the speed camera and fearing for his driver's license and thus full on his work permit in the iron. The wheels of the tractor blocked.
The tractor skidded and its trailer loaded with wood toppled over, but it came to a standstill in time. Without rip-off flashes, this accident would not have happened.
A currently discussed by the politicians speed limit of 80 km / h on rural roads would not change this. The people who crash there, have mostly not kept to the current limit of 100 km / h. Idiots will always sort themselves out of the gene pool. Evolution can not be stopped. In the media, however, the bad motorcyclists are always responsible for accidents.

These "rowdies" like to meet in the parking lot of the peat house GPS N51 ° 48'08.0 "E010 ° 32'11.0" in fine weather.
To see and to be seen is the motto of Poser. Anyone who comes with an old motorcycle that has proven its reliability already with more than 180,000 km, before the only nose is rumbled.
During the week or on colder days, you can still meet real bikers who have experienced something and with whom you can conduct petrol talks.
100 km further southeast of the Harz is the Kyffhäuser racetrack GPS N51 ° 25'20.9 "E011 ° 03'19.8".
A big sign warns you about the 36 corners.
However, these curves are the ones that attract thousands of racers on beautiful weekends.
If there is no police on the ground, these guys let it rip, although only 50 km / h are allowed.
The ansich is still no problem. It only becomes problematic when beginners are not in control of their machines
and come in sharp turns again and again on the opposite lane. Such a ghost driver crashed into my buddy's Africa Twin.
while only the crash bar bent on his machine, the racer of the accident opponent was subsequently total loss.
Fortunately, the crash barriers go down to the ground so that no one was injured by sharp metal posts.
Down at the foot of the track, we could calm our nerves at a small motorcycle meeting again something.
Although almost only Poser are on the way here, one of the attendees knew
the handlebars can effectively prevent the freezing of the switch valves in winter.
Conclusion: The resin and the Kyfhäuser are always worth a trip ... especially during the week when the track is free, as the Poser for the loans of their expensive machines (they do not even belong to) have to work :)


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