Holidays in Switzerland - beautiful motorcycle tours and hiking in Europe


Switzerland is one of the most popular and safest travel destinations worldwide. It not only attracts with curvy motorcycle tours but also with beautiful lakes and great mountains, which you can climb on rustic trails. Motorcycle tours in Switzerland
Motorradtouren in der Schweiz
Unfortunately, life in Switzerland has become very expensive, especially since the Swiss franc, as a supposedly safe haven in times of euro giants.

Motorradtouren in der Schweiz
Even so, people who use their money for work and not for the legal fraud of others are in favor of a holiday in Switzerland.
Most farmers allow you to camp in their meadow when asked if you do not leave any waste. You get drinking water at every stream.
In this way you not only save the expensive camping fees and taxes, but is also awakened at night by the annoying crying of strange babies.
In addition, you get at a smart choice of campground a view that you could not buy with money.
You can easily bring food from Germany. Only with the import of unfused meat there are restrictions on the part of the customs.
A bit of caution is required by the extremely high number of speed cameras that lurk above all on voyages without a vignette, such as highwaymen in big cities like Zurich or Lucerne, and that can quickly turn you into private bankruptcy. The security is only pushed forward. As always, it's about money.

But if you have survived them without damage, you can enjoy 80 km / h on the beautiful winding pass roads, which is far more than you should drive if you love your own life.
Amazingly, there are also small barbecue houses in Switzerland along the hiking trails of clubs like the "Stockkreuzfreunden",
which provide, for example, on the way to the Giswieler floor for firewood. Only request: one may leave the house clean. That should be self-evident anyway.
As Switzerland is also a very safe country, you can leave your tent, sleeping bag & co safe when you want to go hiking.
Often, especially at altitudes over 2000 meters until June, there is still a lot of snow and the passes are closed ,
but even then it is never boring in Switzerland. Especially outside of the season you have the mountains mostly all to yourself
and can conquer high peaks on fresh new snow. The entry in the summit book under such conditions is something very special.
Of course, when the passes open in midsummer, they attract riders and tourists alike.
A wonderful day trip goes from Meiringen (Obwalden) over the Grimselpass, over the Furkapass, then over the Gotthardpass, over the Nufenenpass and back to Meiringen over the Sustenpass.
In this way you drive almost an 8 through the most beautiful area and can barely stop with the grin.
On top of the Grimselpass, there are also numerous attractions. In addition to the marmot enclosure and the two large reservoirs,
With renewable energy being generated by hydropower, kite surfers continue their sport on the summit lake.
From the Grimsel car park a small road leads to another lake, which is fed by a glacier.
The road is accessible every 30 minutes for free in one direction. The hike from the last parking lot to the glacier takes about an hour and is child's play.
Where do you still come to a real glacier these days? The only question is how long will it be in times of global warming?
It's also really interesting to watch other people, for example when a busload full of Japanese shows up again,
and each of them is constantly looking at the 2D display of his tablet, but not even looking at the mountains around him directly in 3D,
one wonders, in what kind of world one lives in the meantime ...
If people are too boring, you will find animals everywhere in Switzerland that still live there under really good conditions.
These cows, goats and sheep always enjoy a little bit of attention, even the protected blue gentian shows occasionally.
After all this action, the many beautiful lakes of Switzerland invite you to swim in clear spring water. Is there anything nicer?


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