Motorcycle world trip - from the jungle to the Indian dream beaches in Goa




At night, it started to rain heavily. We got wet because we had read that in India it would not rain in winter and therefore left the rain cover from the tent at home. The tent was supposed to serve as mosquito protection in the malaria and dengue area.
To dry the sleeping bags, we strapped them in the morning like an apron around the front of our scooters.
With that we also looked much Indian. After only a few meters we met an elephant in the national park, which grazed peacefully.
On our way we passed many little houses whose inhabitants seem to have been soaked just like us.
Later we learned that there had not been a flood of the century in the south of India .
As our clothes were wet anyway, we used the next opportunity to wash them properly with soap and shower gel.
Then the sun came out and two hours later everything was dry again :-)
In the big city of Kanur we wanted to visit the beach and drove to Navi towards the waterline.
Suddenly we found ourselves in the middle of the fishing port. Again and again boats docked and sold fresh fish.
A man showed us the way to the beach. Once there we had to pay 10R entrance fee and we were all alone, until suddenly a huge school class came on, all of them went swimming completely in clothes.

We were photographed like extraterrestrials. On the fright, we treated ourselves to freshly pressed mandarin juice. Mmmmmh!
Near our next campground we found a well. We took this welcome opportunity to wash ourselves properly after the bath in salt water.
How beautiful such a little bit of luxury can be during a real adventure.
In huge areas, coffee fruits were dried in the sun.
Again and again our way led us through rubber plantations, which are needed for the production of tires
and through palm plantations for betel nuts taken with lime as drugs.
The restaurants here had water filters on which we could fill our bottles, so we did not make as much plastic waste as if we were buying the water in plastic bottles.
At a remote farm, which we reached over a mud track, a man climbed spontaneously on a palm, and then offered us a super fresh coconut. Many Thanks!
Again they showed us around and showed us the beauty of India.
Nature is very strong here in the rainforest and even wins the fight against the otherwise omnipresent garbage.
Even car wrecks disappear almost completely.
As dark clouds rose again in the sky, we asked for a tarpaulin in a shop.
The seller had no but his neighbor spontaneously invited us to camp under his canopy and did not pick up the police.
Instead, he invited us to his house and showed us his TV set. He even received National Geographic.
In order not to destroy his worldview, we pretended to be married.
Together with his 3 children he lived in two rooms with kitchen and had a bed and a sofa.
Our presence spoke quickly around the village.
Only a few minutes later appeared the first neighbor children.
Instead of learning English, they go to a Koran school every night for 3 hours.
To honor us, our host bought extra chicken meat, which is more expensive here than in subsidized Germany.
We hardly dared to eat much of this delicacy and were therefore quite right.
Our spare portions were quickly eaten by our own children and the wife of the house.
Money did not want to accept our host. As much as I tried.
Since the jostling and again on its own lane oncoming heavy traffic along the coastal road was hell
We prefer to drive on small, muddy strains through coffee and pepper plantations to Madikeri GPS 12 ° 25'25 75 ° 44'18.
We enjoyed the beauty of the landscape and chose the most curvy routes on the GPS.
Among other things, they led us past a huge artificially dammed lake that had drowned a lot of rainforest.
Only the dead tree stumps sticking out of the water.
India wants to cover a large part of its energy needs with hydropower.
On a nice winding road I suddenly had to put in a full braking and avoid the bushes. That was close. Luckily, nothing happened to me except the scooter got some scratches.
A police car cut the corner and came to meet me without much too much speed on my track. He was followed as quickly by a state-owned limousine.
Wiso, these assholes always mean that they do not need to consider anyone else?
Policemen are the only real danger in India, as everywhere else in the world. I wish you a colleague will meet you.
As dark clouds appeared again in the sky, we left the jungle mountains, which run parallel to the coast, and drove down to the beach.
Here it does not actually rain during the dry season.
We pitched our tent with sea views on a secluded beach, where only a few fishermen's huts stood.
Towards evening I helped push the boats into the country.
Quickly we got in contact with the people and were accepted as neighbors.
Every day, the fishermen use their outboard motors to drive 150km out to sea to catch and sell cuttlefish.
Individual fishermen also lay their nets near the coast.
In the morning they repaired their nets.
Wherever we appeared, we were welcome and allowed to look around.
Although the border with the state of Goa was not far away, it was astonishing that we went so far with the scooters.
Behind the federal state border with barrier and police watch car and truck have to pay toll.
Bikes are allowed for free. Holy cows too.
When we had lunch at a mobile kitchen, it suddenly crashed.
A cool member of the gang was actually driven in my scooter and overthrown.
He quickly picked up his machine again. No apology. Nothing.
Luckily, everything went well this time as well.
Before we brought our scooters back, we made another stop at Palolem Beach and inquired in advance for hotels
Tugs from everywhere rushed us to take us to their clients' hotels.
The presence of Wi-Fi and a low price confirmed each of them immediately, but on site I could usually receive none and the price was then suddenly higher. Well, I'll better start looking for myself tomorrow.
9km before our finish, we pulled out after 2500km the first police control, although we wore a helmet. The partially underage locals who did not wear despite helmet obligation, let you drive past.
We tourists wanted to see the international driver's license. Clearly the national driver's license but one knows that in India is not valid.
What? Is a driver's license not there to prove that you have (compared to most Indians) attended a driving school and learned to drive?
No. My international driver's license was available but expired and I had no desire to pay the Office in Germany every year money for such a short wipe.
Now, the corrupt cop threatened me with a 15000R penalty in the hope of being smeared by me.
By the way, these highwaymen earn more than a lot of honest workers.
However, I offered him no money and so he let us drive. The paperwork would have been too exhausting for him otherwise. Jasmins driver's license was OK. She had paid twice as much as the threatened punishment at home.
The last night we spent again undisturbed in the tent, right next to a large spider web.
In the morning I left with the engine running because of Unterdruckbenzinhahn the remaining fuel in one of the roadside lying plastic bottles and gave the first scooter back.
So we had some reserve fuel, if the second scooter should also be left lying with low fuel level.
He did not. So I exchanged the fuel at the next fruit stand for a bag of tangerines after its return.
By bus it was 7km from Benaulim Beach back to the bus hub in Margao.
From Margao we got a bus for each 50R after two hours to Palolem Beach 45km away. A taxi costs 800R for the same distance.
On the beach, Jasmine guarded our luggage in the shade of a souvenir stall, while I systematically compared the different hotels.
An hour later I had some offers for 400R so about 6 euros per day.
I chose a pretty detached cottage that had a bath, fan and even WiFi reception.
I paid immediately for a week, but received neither lease nor receipt. In the high season at Christmas cost such houses per day 600R to 1000R.
I should not tell anyone else what price I got it for.
Of course, Jasmin was also enthusiastic about our little house.
Our next task was to find a good place to eat.
The hotels in the front row wanted a small fish with rice 800R.
A little further back, however, we found in a restaurant in which also the local bus drivers went out to eat.
Here we received delicious fish thali for 80R per serving and omelets in pancakes for 25.
The normal price as outside the tourist areas. There was ice cream in the waffle for 30R and drinking water for refilling. What more do you want???
As for Christmas presents, a lot was offered on the beach mile.
Although most of the stalls had exactly the same assortment, but even that consisted of clothes, jewelry, nibbles and the new pirated films (the new James Bond Specter left in the picture, there is not even in the cinema in Germany).
Too bad that you can not bring such goods home. About jewelry and dried fruits, etc., but you are happily happy home as well.
Some days, on the beachfront, expensive restaurants even offered sheltered baby hay and baby ham. Horrible.
Whether we want hash? No thanks! Do I look like a character of a weak alcoholic? Taxi? NO !!!
There is no shortage of activities here. For downed 150R per hour you can rent a canoe and go padelln.
You can walk in both directions along the beach and explore the area and watch dolphins or you can swim around the island on the right.
Jasmin even accompanied me the second time and was promptly burned by a fire jellyfish.
Fortunately, these things are not as dangerous here as in Australia. The pain healed within a day.
Our relatives were not happy that we had not contacted each other for so long. One was worried.
Of course we could have just bought a Simcarte with Internet.
The time in the Jungle far away from civilization was without Internet but especially beautiful!
We really arrived in India and had the country that so polarized, got to know and love.
Due to the time difference of funny 4 hours and 30 minutes one would not have been permanently available anyway. However, if someone wants to come with me on my next trip, I would be happy :-) Continue on the next page.

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