Offroad trip through Romania, Serbia and Macedonia to Albania

This order came by mail. Maybe it was also because of the fact that I was simply not available by phone in Morocco . Can I bring a vehicle full of tools from Albania through the former war zone of Macedonia and Serbia to the north of Romania and back?

  This order came by mail. Maybe it was also because I was simply not available by phone in Morocco . Can I bring a vehicle full of tools from Albania through the former war zone of Macedonia and Serbia to the north of Romania and back?
What a question. Of course, I love such jobs. Altogether there were about 4000 km and 12 borders in front of me.
The plane went to Tirana, the capital of Albania. Here I had already been with the motorcycle a few years earlier. It is still massed marijuana grown and shipped to Italy see Report Munich from 05.09.2017.
Johannes picked me up from the airport. He was the site manager for a social project in Romania and I was his chauffeur.
My luggage was waiting for me. When leaving Germany, the ####### Bullen had ransacked it with their greasy fingers and left a note that said exactly that. But I was only on the way to the drug country Albania.
The car ride through Albania, Macedonia, Serbia and Romania, however, was quite relaxed. With trailer and 150 km / h we drove the more or less good, partly tolled motorways northward.
Faster does not drive the completely overloaded Dacia Lodgy anyway.
In most Balkan countries, one can still live without restrictions as a free person. No one sniffs my things. A helmet obligation does not seem to exist.
Signs are here if ever as targets for small shooting exercises from the car window in between and are therefore completely perforated.
On some signs, the numbers have been resolved. As a result, the signs to locked panels (red circle to empty, white ground), but nobody cares.
Speed ??cameras do not exist here. These would be stolen immediately. So you can really drive on and concentrate on stolen Gullideckel. I love it. Roma Gypsies from Romanians are known as marmots for clawing. Entire groups of pickpockets from Romania often travel to Germany and France in order to cheat the German welfare state. See also ARD Kontraste vom 21.07.2016. Because of them already the Luvre and the Eiffel Tower had to be closed. Also the so-called Enkeltrick is gladly used by Romaklans. Criminals in particular are not deported if they face penalties in their home country.
The EU borders are also no problem for tourists, as long as the power does not fail and the computers crash. However, completing an ATA carnet for the expensive machines overwhelmed most officials.
Since Johannes had many stamps of the enemy Macedonia in his passport, the Serbs let us wait for an additional hour in the blazing sun. In this way, the corrupt police wanted to extort bribes for speeding up.
In the meantime, we could read the official by the newspaper and flirt with a blonde.
Then we got our stamp and went on. Who does not want to wait must pay normal bribes.
But I do not want to support such people.
In Albania, jaha is no. Here is the monthly wage of a normal worker at around 150 euros. He feeds his family with it.
It's amazing that people still get 10 kids , though they can not feed all of them. Many are therefore sold as prostitutes. A man who can not impregnate his wife in Albania has to leave her. A reason for asylum for immigration to Germany see ARD Story "Der Entscheider".
Many people we met on the road told us proudly that in addition to their work they also receive child support from Germany. From the German child allowance one can live abroad like a king. You no longer need to work yourself and can buy your own house.
As a German, could I help with filling in applications for her neighbor? The language barrier is the only obstacle to the gift of money.
Some also pretend to be Syrians because their country is a safe country of origin and receive Hartz4 monies from Germany on time each month. In contrast to brave Germans, migrants are not forced to take measures and threatened with sanctions because of their violence. "Syrians" are not suitable for the catering, because "the service thought is rejected". Muslim women are not employable in social professions "because they are not allowed to touch men". For appointments at the employment office, they fly on budget airlines for 80 euros.
A high on Europe. Sometimes I really wonder why I'm still working. Probably simply because you as a German not so easy money.
The entry into Romania also took several hours. Again, most people have long emigrated to Germany and live with a show business of German wage increase see Frontal21 from 06.09.2016 and SpiegelTV. The always same mesh works according to WDR Current hour from 21.März 2018 so:
A fake employer quits a 5-member family with a wage of 500 euros. As a result, a benefit entitlement in Germany increases to 1,800 euros. The 1300 Euro reimburses the employment agency, without having to make a single finger krum.
Although we also wanted to give the children of this country a playground, the officials wanted to charge import duty for the material.
With much patience, we made it into the country and arrived at the same time with the 12th grade from Esslingen in Turulung.
The school class had written to companies and raised donations to finance this project as part of a school trip with the charity Caritas and Kuckuk Kultur ev.
The planning started the next day. The playground was designed in a small square.
In addition to a swing, a slide and a suspension bridge, there should also be a chilling lounge in the form of a hammock and a barbecue area around a sandpit.
The students, with the strong support of their teachers and us, managed to realize this ambitious project within a week.
In the evening they bought and destroyed at "Wehrwolf" or "lazy egg" the entire beer supply of the village ;-)
So we had a lot of fun.
Even while the playground was under construction, the first Roma children came and were thrilled by the various swings and the already finished hammock.
Some of them even had some beer from our fridge.
The sleeping classrooms with the certainly not insignificant valuables of the students were fortunately securely locked.
What kind of thank you say that is ??? That can the Caritas much better ;-)
The time flew by. I bought another climbing pole and organized tires for the seesaw and it was time to leave again.
The tool had to go back to Albania. There, the next project was waiting with another school class.
Fortunately, this time we did not have so much time pressure, but could prohibit the Navi the use of highways.
Beyond the highway, the Balkan countries are getting really interesting.
The fewest roads are paved and if so covered with potholes that it is a real pleasure to drive there.
Now and then you have to stop, because a turtle crosses the path.
The people are incredibly friendly and wild camping is allowed everywhere.
Unfortunately, waste is already everywhere, but of course that was not up to us.
The only problem was as usual the officials, who could not have enough papers.
No one was interested in the machines in the trailer.
At a total of 12 borders, not a single case was opened. It could have been drugs or something else inside. There were always problems, because no official wanted to fill in the papers without bribes.
Without a stamp, however, we were not allowed to continue our journey. Especially not in Serbia.
I liked Macedonia very well. At Struga we were able to go on vacation at Lake Ohrid.
This beautiful freshwater lake between Albania and Macedonia is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and has beautiful beaches.
He has glass of clear water and is increasingly accessible to tourists.
However, it is still an insider tip for tourists.
On Ohrid Lake we spent some relaxing days and took care in between to the entry back to Albania.
This time they let us wait for more than 6 hours at the border for a stamp. Previously, we had been sent away at a smaller border.
Although we also wanted to give Albania another playground, the officials had problems with allowing us to enter duty-free. Many refugees , however, left economic migrants on foot. No one flees bombs across 9 countries, while women and children live safely in their homeland. It attracts the money donated. However, if you kindly take it out of compassion, as a smuggler or tug for 9 months without parole risked landing in Frontal 21 from 15 September 2015.
Surprisingly, Merkel or various "relief organizations" that pick up "refugees" on the Libyan coast to send them to far-away Europe are not punished as such.
Finally, however, with much patience, this limit was made.
While Johannes stayed in Macedonia, I had some days to look at Albania.
First I headed north towards Peshkopie.
A few Poles with huge off-road SUVs had recommended the Lure National Park.
They were right. The civilization ended here completely and the streets turned into a series of potholes.
Again and again my poor car sat up. It literally went over hill and dale and even through rivers.
The people here were super friendly. Whenever I stopped to take a picture, other vehicles also stopped and asked if I needed help.
The mountains of Albania are a true off-road paradise.
The trailer always had to. In spite of everything, it would have been too dangerous to put him off unguarded.
From Perlat to Baz there was a new bridge that replaced the half-ruined suspension bridge.
When I was back on good asphalt, an unusual banging noise made itself felt that in the vibrations of the offroad driving had just gone: The tread of the driven tires had more or less dissolved. The scraps of tires hit the fenders. Nevertheless, the tires kept tight. With moderate speed we went back to Tirana, where I had the tires swapped. Luckily I did not have an exotic vehicle. Dachia is as common in the Balkans as the old Mercedese from Germany. 30 km east of Tirana I spent the last days on the beach and in the sea. Here you can rent hotel rooms for 2 persons for one week from 100 Euro. Round trip cost with a low-cost airline out of season from about 60 euros per person and way. This holiday on the beach in Albania is even cheaper than in Turkey :-) Türkei

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